Yesterday I shared some of my favorite recent photos of Lillian and today I thought I would share a little bit about what has been going on with me! I love writing about Lillian and sharing photos but there is more going on than just us two going to the park. Here's an update of life recently!

  1. Jack Wills USA- I shared this Jack Wills dress and funny story the other day and wanted to share this lovely pink gingham coat I have been loving recently! I love the color, print, style and that it has a hood for misty San Francisco mornings. It's sold out but you can shop other gingham pieces from Jack Wills here
  2. Warriors Practice: Hurry and head to my Instagram story to see my visit to Oracle yesterday for the Warrior's practice! It was such a cool experience to see Steve Kerr run practice, have my bff Ayesha's husband Steph emcee and to see kids from local community partners take the court for a few games with the Warriors. Best part- seeing KD in a Warriors jersey! Or actually, it was when they made all of the rookie players get on the sound system and sing a song! Too fun.
  3. Dark Mornings: Why has it been so hard to get out of bed? It's soooo dark out! Hopefully the time change will help with this!
  4. New nephew: My sister in law just had her baby boy two weeks ago and we are going to visit them soon! I can't wait to see them! 
  5. Traveling: Speaking of traveling, Jesse and I are wishing all of our wishes that we have great flights with Lillian. We haven't flown since February when we went to Hawaii. It was such a breeze and Lillian was amazing so I am hoping we have a similar experience!
  6. Halloween: I am so excited for Halloween this year and cannot wait to figure out my costume. Here is what usually happens: I have a great idea for a costume and I am so excited and then when I start thinking about the time and money it will take to put it together I get frustrated and then end up scrapping the whole thing and trying to do something easy and end up with an okay costume rather than a really great one. This year I am going to avoid this problem all together and be something fun! Stay tuned!
  7. Baby countdown: Remember when I shared this mystery post that someone in my family was expecting a baby? Well we are excited to welcome a new baby so soon! Caitlin is due in just a few weeks and we cannot wait. She doesn't know the sex and is waiting to be surprised! I can't wait!!!! Stay tuned!
  8. Exercise: I've been exercising a lot to try and regain my strength. One of the craziest and most surprising things about postpartum bodies is how much of your muscle tone and strength you lose, no matter how much you work out during pregnancy. The hormones during those last few weeks are meant to make your muscles and body relax so that you can prepare for labor. I still don't feel like I have my strength back and am working really hard on my balance, core strength and flexibility. I'll share my workout routine soon!
  9. Holiday party- I mentioned it a few weeks ago but I am helping to plan Jesse's company holiday party! I can't wait! If you haven't check out BuildingConnected yet, please do!
  10. iPhone Drama: On the day that we were at the park and took these photos of Lillian (see, this is why I love having a blog- I remember everything that happens) I dropped my iPhone 6 plus and it cracked. The next day I dropped it again and it SHATTERED. So I took it to get replaced and used my old iPhone 6 in the meantime. I picked up my iPhone 6 Plus and it looked beautiful, brand new! But I didn't want to switch back to using it again until I had a case. Jesse said to me I trust you with your phone for one day without a case. And I said nope, I won't use it yet. The next day I dropped my old iPhone 6 and completely SHATTERED it. It was shattered so badly that a lot of people commented on it: the bank teller, my waitress, and everyone in my family. Moral of the story, use a case people.


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