Good morning! I am still in a wonderful mood from my visit on Saturday to the brand new Rent the Runway store at Neiman Marcus!! I had the best time with the RTR associates trying on dresses, photographing the store, and discovering new Rent the Runway designers. Can you tell from my photos how much fun it was?! I hope so! The only thing was that I wish my sisters were with me. I always think great experiences are better when shared so whenever I am having a really fun time I always text my sisters and say, "wish you were here!!!"

There is so much I want to share about Rent the Runway so please bear with me. A few years ago I loved looking at their website and checking out of their dresses available for rent. While I loved the concept, the idea wasn't that foreign to me. Growing up with three sisters and a mom who all have fabulous taste and closets it's been easy for me to always find something to wear.

One year we had six weddings and Rent the Runway was my savior. I think I rented three dresses from them. Then I took a little break when I was pregnant with Lillian (which actually makes no sense at all because that seems like an ideal time to rent dresses as your body changes  instead of investing in maternity pieces. I will definitely have a RTR-only wardrobe for my next pregnancy).

Fast forward to present day. When we were in New York a few weeks ago (read more about that here) I actually rented three dresses and a coat so that I wouldn't have to pack them since we were going to West Virginia after New York. Rent the Runway has a flagship store in the Flatiron District and you can pick up there or have them deliver the dresses to your hotel!! You have to do this when you are traveling! Unfortunately, there was a heatwave and I didn't end up wearing the items I rented ;(

So when I had the opportunity to check out the new Rent the Runway store in Neimans (my home away from home, after DayOne Baby, of course) I was so excited! I was their first customer! You can read about it in a few lesser known publications- Forbes, Wall Street Journal, something called Vogue?

It's so fun-- did I already say that? What I love about Rent the Runway is that you're supposed to try on a lot of dresses-- it's expected of you. Not like other stores where there is a five item limit which basically inadvertently deters me from trying anything on. It becomes such a hassle to swap items so you can try everything on. Honestly, and my mom gets sooooo mad when I do this, normally when I go to stores I will just try the item on over my clothes in front of a mirror to see if it fits. I figure if it looks decent with bulky clothes underneath it will look even better without them.

With the opportunity to try on dresses in every style, color, and price point I still gravitated towards my favorite: structured a-line party dresses and mostly Red Valentino . I was having a blast and it was so fun to see a mother getting a dress for the wedding of her daughter's best friend. Rent the Runway is for all ages, all body types, all styles-- and for women who are savvy.

I can't wait to go back and if you live in San Francisco I hope you check it out soon! If not, you can always go online and find the perfect party dress for your upcoming holiday events!


My dresses: Red Valentino //  Milly //  Erin Fetherston




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