My favorite self-care activities.

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If you're a person living in today's world, chances are you're probably running around with a to-do list a mile long, a cup of coffee in hand, and thinking about how you're going to get it all done. If you're a mom, that list is twice as long, the coffee is cold, and somehow you get it all done.

While checking things off our to-do lists feels great, it can often leave us feeling depleted. As 2017 came to a close, Jesse and I both realized that we were failing at taking care of ourselves. Each week was full of early mornings, late nights, and a total lack of self-care. We didn't even realize how tired we were until Christmas rolled around.

When we were in Palm Springs, we decided to get back in control from the very beginning of 2018. We were going to take better care of ourselves individually, as well as a family. I am pleased to say that 2018 is off to a great start (knock on wood), so I thought I would share some things that we have implemented into our lives to take better care of ourselves.

Cut back on sugar. Jesse and I don't drink coffee (I haven't since 2014; occasionally I will get a decaf mocha as a treat) but we found that when we had that afternoon lull we were both snacking on high sugar products. Replacing those empty calories with high protein snacks made us all feel better.

Saying no to plans. We're so fortunate to have our family and friends near but we realized that we have to politely decline invitations so that we can recharge. 

Reflexology. This is our FAVORITE thing to do as a couple. Most Friday nights we head to our favorite reflexology parlor (they're not called that, I just thought it sounded funny) and get a seventy-minute massage. Taking time to relax together is one of our favorite things.

Swimming. Both Jesse and I love swimming and I've noticed how much more relaxed Jesse is now that the pool at his gym has reopened from a renovation and he can swim a couple of times a week. I am ready to start swimming at USF this month!

SoulCycle. I stayed away from SoulCycle for years for a bunch of reasons but when my best friend Andie invited me to a class and I said yes, I finally saw that the hype was all about. It's become one of my favorite workout experiences for a bunch of reasons (I'll write a full post tomorrow about it) and something that always helps me de-stress.

Getting my hair done. I used to get my hair done all the time because blowouts are the best. It takes me over an hour to do my hair and it never really looks that great, so it is so nice to have someone do it. Plus, feeling good is about looking good, right?

Writing.  It's sort of funny that the thing that always makes me feel better is writing on my blog but when I am busy, I inevitably end of taking an unintentional break. Writing for me has always been so therapeutic and having my blog has allowed me to strengthen that muscle.


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