Photo via House Beautiful.

Photo via House Beautiful.

Today is the opening day of the SF Designers Showcase so I thought I would share a special Saturday post! This past Wednesday I had the special privilege to attend the press preview day for the San Francisco Designer Showcase. It was so amazing to see all of the completed designs after touring the home while it was under construction just a few weeks ago (see my post about my tour here).

Having seen the home during its transition, where some rooms were down to just the studs, it gave me an even greater appreciation for the beauty of the home and hard work of the designers. Often times we are used to just seeing the finished product without having the opportunity to see the creative effort, manual labor, time management and teamwork that goes into many projects big and small.

At the press preview day I also had the opportunity to meet the designers and their teams. This was probably one of the most special opportunities for me because, if you've been reading my blog for some time you know that I love sharing the stories of other creatives and entrepreneurs. Meeting the visionaries behind the designs made me fall in love with some rooms even more than had I just seen it on my own. Molie Malone who did one of the upstairs bathroom had music playing in there as she greeted us and I instantly fell in love with her and the design. Meeting her made sense as to why she chose that wallpaper and painted the ceiling orange.

I also had the chance to meet Benni Amadi and Courtney Springer, two young designers who are making their mark on the San Francisco design scene. I interviewed them and will be sharing those answers shortly!

To be honest, there were some rooms I really loved, like the kitchen by Jon De La Cruz, which has been named House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year. What I love most about what he did was think about the function for the family. As well as, taking popular items and adding his own design spin. How many bathrooms and kitchens have subway tiles these days? Better yet, how many don't have don't? To say they are popular is an understatement. But I love the way Jon played with the placement for the back wall. Just like he did with the floor tile.

The house this year is particularly special to me because of its iconic architecture by Newsom and Newsom Architects built in 1904-- talk about a San Francisco classic. The family who owns the house is a blended family and there are two sets of twins!! I believe there are eight kids in total. So walking through the home and seeing so many teenage bedrooms was really fun to me. The entire time I kept saying, I hope this family likes the house!! I honestly want to send them a postcard in a month and be like-- do you guys like it??

Like any creative project that brings together a variety of talented people, there are rooms I loved and rooms that weren't my taste. Truth be told, there were two rooms and two elements that I disliked. Out of respect to the designers' hard work I am going to politely refrain from mentioning their names-- also some people are going to love those rooms! That's the thing about Showcase- it's a great way to learn about your own taste!

Buy your tickets now for this year's amazing Showcase tour and be sure to check out my "can't miss items":

First Floor:

Custom light fixtures and adjustable lighting artwork pieces in the Library my Martin Kobus.

Powder Room and Vestibule by Benni Amadi and Courtney Springer. Stay tuned for my interview with them!

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year by Jon De La Cruz. Don't miss the rough cut caesar stone island and custom built eat-in area. 


Second Floor:

Master Bedroom fireplace by Beth Martin of the Martin Group. The furniture in there is divine!

Wallpaper from St. Frank Textiles in the Balancing Room by Kari McIntosh.

Master Bath floor tiles and sliding mirrors by Cecilie Starin.

Guest Bathrooms that are so opposite but amazing by Mead Quin and Molie Malone- these two bathrooms are opposite in every way but both are my style and captured my heart.

Third Floor:

Penthouse Living Room & Bar by Catherine Kwong that is the most serene space in the house and has custom art done by Convent alumna Stevie Howell.

Office chair by Chris Eskra. It's so divine!!

I hope everyone gets the opportunity to visit this year's Showcase and support a great cause!


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PS- I am also putting this out into the Universe because I had this gut feeling when I did the construction tour-- I came home and told Jesse that we should have our home be the Showcase home in 10 years for the 50th Anniversary!! Stay tuned to see if that happens!