Happy Holidays! I think with the close of Halloween and the arrival of November 1 the holidays are here, right?! I started playing Glee Christmas music yesterday, my absolute favorite! Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been a special time in the Curran family but I am extra excited this year to celebrate Lillian's first holidays! Jesse's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and mine is tied between Christmas and Valentine's Day. We have slowly been giving Lillian solid foods (I will write a separate post about that soon!), so having her join us at the table will be so fun (sidenote: having a June baby is the best because we got to spend all summer with Lillian as a newborn and she will be such a fun age for the holidays and New Year!).

While I am not one to plan too far in advance, I was eager to partner with Shutterfly to create a special holiday card to bring some holiday cheer to family and friends who are near and far. I debated for a while about not doing one at all, I mean, I sometimes feel like I am always in people's newsfeed and Instagram experience and people are like, " you get outta here!!!!". But when a family friend said to me that she did not know we had the baby because I did not send a birth announcement I thought to myself, geeze! You mean to tell me there are people who don't know every detail of my life!? Ha! So, I decided to do a holiday card!

I chose this very simple and chic holiday card with a photo of just Lillian because she has been our everything these past five months. I also liked the idea of making it look festive for more than just the holiday so that people keep it instead of throwing it away after the new year with the resolution to keep a clean house hits!!

Using Shutterfly was a breeze. I found it helpful that for all of the designs they had suggested typography, wording, and layout. I sometimes can get overwhelmed when there are infinite ways to be creative. I like the design I came up with and am currently working on writing handwritten notes on the back white space. 

If you are debating about creating a holiday card this year you can give it a try and get a free card by using the promo CARD4U at checkout. I had so much fun designing and ordering this card that I am considering doing another card with Lillian sitting up since she is soooo close to sitting up on her own!

Here are some of my favorite cards from Shutterfly!

Monogrammed Cards // Cards with One Photo


Thank you to Shutterfly for sponsoring this post. I am so appreciative of companies that help keep Perfect 10 SF alive and running!


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