THANK YOU to everyone who read yesterday's post about ways to monetize blogs! I appreciated everyone's comments and follow up emails. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to learn so much and share with readers. 

I have been working on the CC Newsletter for quite some time and after the response I got from the post I realized there is no time better than now to launch this feature. The CC Newsletter is a newsletter delivered right to your inbox with additional unique content!! 

I wanted to find a way to connect even more with my readers, tailor specific content to those who are interested, and share more personal stories and memories. I will be featuring content such as Q and A's, my reading list, more in-depth content about the topics on my blog (pregnancy, parenting, fashion, and more), and will also have a lot more specific content about the business of blogging.

I would absolutely love for all of my readers and friends and friends of friends to sign up! Simply complete this form and stay tuned for the first CC Newsletter!

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