Spacious, the best place to work.

spacious pac heights location elite cafe

spacious pac heights location elite cafe

Happy Friday! I am SO excited to introduce you to Spacious, the best place to work. Last week I randomly saw an article on Hoodline about Spacious (you can read the full article here). The timing could not have been more perfect because the last couple of weeks I have been looking for a coworking space to get some serious work done for The Bundle of Joy. The problem is that my schedule is always different and takes me to different parts of San Francisco. There are days where I am literally driving the seven square miles of my beautiful city. I'm not complaining, it's the hustle required when you have your own business!! Because of these reasons and the financial investment of renting an office, I could never find something to fit my ever-changing needs.

So when I read the article I was immediately interested and wanted to learn more. I couldn't believe how great of a concept Spacious is! Beautiful coworking spaces are nothing new and honestly, they are one of the hottest industries right now and the more I read about Spacious, the less I could believe! $95 for unlimited visits to the five San Francisco locations (the price goes up to $125 in the new year)!! Having an office on Fillmore Street for $95 a month.

So I signed up for the free week trial and here I am at a Spacious location!! I am currently typing this from Elite Cafe on Fillmore! I have to tell you that this is a really great idea and you're going to want to check it out. This is not a sponsored post, I just have to share because I really like this service! For a small price (far less than renting my own office), I get to work in beautiful restaurants during the day, have fast wifi, free coffee and tea, and be on Fillmore close to Lillian's preschool!! Wow! This is such a great idea!! There are two super friendly and helpful Spacious hosts who checked me and answered all seventy of my questions ;)

What I really love is that it's a win-win. I mean, we've all walked by during the day and seen the dark windows of restaurants that don't open until happy hour. Spacious allows people to enjoy the restaurants during the day and benefits the restaurants because of the exposure and rent for use. Genius!! I can't wait to check out the other SF locations:

Finn Town in the Castro, which is in the neighborhood I grew up in!! My friend Emily of JetSetting Fashionista raves about Finn Town so I've been wanting to check it out!

Park Tavern in North Beachwhich I've been to and really like. Gosh, how nice to have a place in North Beach to be able to get some work done!

Press Club in SOMA, I haven't been there but love the idea of working there in the morning and then heading to meet Jesse for lunch at his new office and then going to MOMA!!

Alta in Mid-Market, I have never even heard of this restaurant but love that it's right near the Twitter building!!

The great thing about Spacious is that it's nice for everyone from students to seasoned entrepreneurs. I seriously can't get over the price. Even when the price increases to $125, that is still less expensive than most gym memberships. Spacious is even a great location if you're studying for a big test like a licensing exam.

What I am really loving about Spacious is how close I am to Lillian's preschool. So convenient and I love working on Fillmore, where there are so many great shops and restaurants, and where I spent all of my high school years. I can't wait to see all of the new locations they add in the New Year-- hoping for something in Laurel Heights and Inner Richmond.

Check out Spacious and email me if you want to meet up at Elite Cafe for a working session!


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