I mentioned in my post yesterday how much I love food since introducing solids to Lillian a few weeks ago. I have always enjoyed cooking- I just hate certain aspects of it-- mostly getting all of the ingredients. It is just such a hassle to go to the grocery store, especially with a little one in tow.

I was delighted to learn about Sun Basket, the organic food delivery company, that sends all of the ingredients and instructions to cook three meals with all of the recipes by former chef of the San Francisco favorite restaurant Slanted DoorJustine Kelly

I have tried a lot of meal prep and food delivery start ups in San Francisco and my experience with Sun Basket has by far been my favorite one! I love that all of the ingredients are organic and the recipes are really very easy to make. Honestly I wish that Sun Basket existed when I was first living on my own and wanting to cook but unsure where to start.

I think Sun Basket makes the perfect gift for college students or young professionals who want to cook but do not have time to get everything together. Sun Basket is also great for parents who want to prepare and eat healthy meals with little ones. I gave Lillian a taste of every Sun Basket meal I prepared.

The great thing about Sun Basket is that you can select the meals you want in advance and pick if you want Paleo, Dairy Free, or Vegetarian. It is nice to have those options, especially if you have dietary restrictions.

Since we are out at parties the next couple of weeks I am taking a break from Sun Basket but cannot wait to start it up again in the new year! Maybe then I will be brave enough to share pictures of the meals I cooked!! 

Visit the Sun Basket website here!


Thank you to Sun Basket for giving me a complimentary experience.