Parenting Support: Tinyhood.

I am so delighted to share with everyone an app I recently discovered that has really inspired me, Tinyhood. Tinyhood is an app that offers chat, workshops, and information with prenatal and parenting professionals. 

I think so many new moms have had the thought at 2:00 am when they're nursing, "I wish there was someone I could talk to about breastfeeding without having to call the doctor and sounding like a total crazy person".

Susan and Becky, Co-Founders

Susan and Becky, Co-Founders

Well, Tinyhood is that person to talk to!!! Created by two moms who wanted to help other families. "Co-founders Becky Miller and Susan Blinn are fellow entrepreneurs, engineers, friends, and parents. After what seemed like the 1000th sleepless night of feeling overwhelmed by the volume of parenting information and conflicting advice, and underwhelmed by the usefulness of that information—they decided to take matters into their own hands. They launched Tinyhood to help reimagine what parenting could be and to help the next generation of parents be in the know. Now."

I was fortunate that when Lillian was born I was able to join the fabulous DayOne Baby community in San Francisco. DayOne Baby at first seemed like it was a store and classroom but I quickly realized that DayOne Baby was a special place that helped new families learn, thrive and grow. Because of my experiences there, I completely fell in love with motherhood, learning all things pregnancy and postpartum, and even fell in love with the baby space and helped me to launch The Bundle of Joy.

As I prepare for our second girl to arrive, I am so sad that the DayOne Baby store is no longer open. It closed just a few months ago and as serendipity would have it, I had just discovered Tinyhood and am so grateful. It's incredible to think about how the online Tinyhood model fits into the crazy lifestyle I am anticipating with a newborn and toddler.

What I love about Tinyhood is that since all of the support and classes are online you can really make it work with your schedule. It's perfect whether you have one and its hard to get out of the house for in-person support, or if you have multiple and its nearly impossible to get out of the house!

Tinyhood offers:

Private Chat with an Expert for 48 hours for $48 for video or phone and $19 for messaging through the app. What a deal!

Workshops: Cost Range from $40-$30 but have discounts happening now

1-hour live video class
Live answers to questions from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Class recording for any time, anywhere video access
Discounted access to work privately with the instructor

Yesterday I caught a little bit of the workshop about parenting toddlers and loved it. I can't wait to rewatch the full workshop since Tinyhood emails about the link.

I also just signed up for the class at the end of September Introducing a New Sibling and could not be more excited about the content, but also the timing! It's perfect just before my due date!

What I am also especially excited about is that when someone receives a Bundle they get access to our community special discounts and receive a code for 20% off.

Use code Caroline for 20% off at Tinyhood!


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