Interesting Read: Two Career-Couple

I saw this article on Harvard Business Review titled, "Being a Two Career-Couple Requires a Long-Term Plan" and it immediately caught my attention. It's a great article, especially for couples who are navigating the changes, wishes, and vision of their careers, regardless of their age.

I feel so fortunate that Jesse and I have worked together to come up with a plan that works best for our family. We've taken a long-term view of our careers and goals for our family and part of that includes many tradeoffs, but mostly it's wonderful. I don't think there is any right set-up for families, I just think it's important for couples to work together.

"As careers morph into 50-year marathons rather than 30-year sprints, we may also want to think of couple careers over much longer timeframes. We still let too many decisions made in our thirties seal our professional fate for decades. How much more reassuring to know that you can hand the baton back and forth — and still finish the race in style.

Be sure to check out the full article here.


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