Lillian is going to be a big sister!

big sister announcement

Jesse and I are absolutely THRILLED to share the news that Lillian is going to be a big sister. We are pregnant and cannot wait for our family to grow! I shared the news on Facebook and Instagram last Friday and I cannot share my appreciation and gratitude for everyone's kind words and well wishes. While social media gets such a bad reputation, sometimes it can be so powerful. Thank you to everyone!! You can read how I shared we were pregnant with Lillian here.

This pregnancy has been soooooo different than our first time around and sharing the news made it feel so much more real. With Lillian we were eight weeks pregnant when we found out. With Baby #2 I knew pretty much right away. The days from when I missed my period to making the announcement were the longest days of my life!

I was so excited that we were pregnant, it was something Jesse and I both really wanted, but good golly, it is SO much more stressful the second time around! It seems to me like everyone is more relaxed about their second and has the "been there, done that" attitude. Meanwhile, I felt the complete opposite!! Like complete opposite! I was so nervous because I felt like we had so much more to lose. And I know how magical pregnancy and labor and parenting is. 

We told our parents and family and friends a few weeks ago and we told Lillian on Easter! We hosted Easter and when everyone was sitting around visiting we brought out Lillian's Easter basket with all of her "Big Sister" goodies! My sister Caitlin said to her, "there's a baby in mommy's belly" and Lillian had a surprised look and then ran over and kissed my belly! It was the sweetest moment ever!

Last Thursday we had a big ultrasound appointment and once we got the news that the results looked great, we (but particularly me) were so relieved. It's the Nuchal Translucency ultrasound where, in combination with blood test results, they screen for genetic disorders. Two of the three they screen for result in loss of the baby during pregnancy or right after birth. To say it's nice to have it over is an understatement.

Now that things look great and we are 13 weeks, I thought I would answer a bunch of questions people have asked me (thanks for them!!! I mean it!!) and share our weekly update.

But first, I wanted to just say that so much has changed since I was pregnant with Lillian. I am almost four years older (I am 32 now) than I was, I have been introduced to many wonderful people, the world has changed, blogging has changed, life in almost every way has changed. But one of the biggest insights I have this time around from hearing from so many readers, friends, and even strangers, is that while pregnancy can be filled with joy and love for a growing family, it can be so difficult for those trying to conceive. I am particularly mindful of the feelings of others who want a baby so badly. Please know that when I am writing these updates and sharing on social media, it's not without that awareness. I mean, we did not get pregnant at the exact moment we wanted to, but I know that doesn't even compare to what some people go through. A family friend said to me a bit ago that all women need to let go of the notion that they can control when they get pregnant. If you are trying to conceive, let those words come through as truth to you. Timing will work out.

Writing my posts about my pregnancy with Lillian was extremely therapeutic, connected me to so many, gave me wonderful opportunities, and now, as I am trying to reflect on our first pregnancy compared to our second, I am SO extremely grateful that I shared and documented my experiences. I love going back and reading them.

The thing about pregnancy is that it is really energizing and inspiring for me. I love every aspect of it and I really like being pregnant. I feel energized to write and share and connect with everyone, some of my long-time readers come from my first pregnancy. So thanks so much for following along!!!! Now, some FAQs!

When are you due?
Hmmm....actually not quite sure. Check back on this one! I'm going with October 18, 2018. Do you like it 10-18-18? Since they calculate the due date by adding 240 days to the start date of your last period, that would be the 18th. But when we went in last Thursday for the ultrasound a new date was on the screen as October 9. 

The thing I know this time around is that a due date is just a ballpark. I know so many people who get fixated on their due day and let their certainty of that date inform decisions when in reality they should just wait. Any date is fine!! We just want a healthy baby. I am going off of the original due date of October 18 so I am.....

How many weeks are you?
13 weeks!

Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?
YES!!!! Of course!! Luckily, Jesse and I are on the same page about this one!! I think it makes sense to find out the sex for our second so that we can tell Lillian she's having a brother or a sister. We find out May 18 and are going to have a gender reveal party that night! We had a gender reveal party for Lillian and pink balloons came out of the box. Not sure what we will do this time. I am so excited to be surprised!

Do you want a boy or a girl?
I want both! Ha! There are reasons why I want a boy and reasons why I want a girl. But honestly, we just want a healthy baby. Jesse feels the same way too. Having a girl would be great because there is nothing like a sister and I would love for Lillian to have a sister. Plus, we have everything already and you know how much I love pink. But I am also equally thrilled to have a boy. My sister Caitlin has a 16 month old son and Claire is due with a boy at the end of May. So it would be fun to have three girls (Camilla, Clementine, Lillian) and then three boys. Plus, boys are so foreign to me. I'd love to have a son!

How are you feeling?
Great! I am really luckily that my pregnancies are really smooth. With Lillian I felt great the entire time, with my only complaint being back pain towards the very end as my belly got bigger. I thought I was going to get through both of them without throwing up but two weeks ago I had a handful of blueberries and took my prenatal vitamin and ran out the door to get Lillian to school. I guess it upset my stomach because right after I dropped Lillian off I drove a few blocks and pulled over and threw up four times out the car door. Yep, only blueberries came out. I was more pissed because there goes my clean record!

Luckily, I physically feel great. I am already bigger! At 12 weeks I looked like how I did at 20 weeks with Lillian. Of course, I had heard that you're always bigger the second time around. I always thought it was because the uterus muscles knew what to do and grew fast (not sure why I thought this) but I can feel that actually, my hormones are making a big impact faster. My ab muscles relaxed soooo fast this time. When I am mindful that I am sticking my stomach out I just try and take a deep breath and flex. The baby bump is hardly anything that way.

From the day I missed my period until a few days ago, I was barely exercising. I would go for casual walks and I started swimming again, but honestly, I think most of the weight I've gained this time has been from not maintaining my normal routine. I am really looking forward to exercising regularly again! I was just so nervous and wanted everything to be okay!

I've been feeling great except over the weekend I caught a bug and had the worst sore throat and aches and pains. It's almost gone! I've been resting like crazy so I am almost better! Can't wait to be 100% again!

Are you having any cravings?
Please, no one get upset about this. People are totally going to roll their eyes, but the thing that has been so satisfying is an ice cold bottle of water. The first month I was so thirsty. Like stuck in the desert thirsty. I could not drink enough to satisfy me. Once I switched to putting Crystal Geyser bottles in the freezer, I was a happy woman!!

I've also been loving Souvla for lunch!! I love getting their Chicken Salad and fries for lunch. I am definitely a lot more hungry this pregnancy. Oh, I still have a bagel every morning, like I did with Lillian. Especially after I got sick from the prenatal vitamin, I always have a carb first thing! I've definitely been wanting salty over sweets and have been enjoying eating more.

Do you have any names you like?
Yes, we have some for girls but not too many for boys. I would love your help with boys names. I find them so hard-- they are either classic or super modern. Can't find one that I feel like "this is it!" We will be sharing our name once we find out the sex because we want Lillian to call the baby by its name.

What are you calling this baby?
Since all of the kids in our family are named after flowers, my mom decided we should call this baby Goldie, after marigold, the flower for the month of October.

At the same time, Jesse was like what about Baby Echo? So we've been calling the baby both Goldie and Baby Echo. Lillian loves calling the baby Baby Echo. And loves talking to my belly. We are really lucky because Claire is pregnant and Lillian's preschool teacher is pregnant. So Lillian understands the concept and has been great with me. Which actually surprised me because I don't really have a sizeable belly. The other day thoughh, she did start talking to my chest saying "gooood morning, Baby Echo". Lol.

13 Weeks Update

You can see all of my weekly updates with Lillian here. I started at 17 weeks, so a month until we're in sync.

Baby is the size of: A lemon!

Cravings: Bottled water, Souvla

Complaints: Zero complaints! 

Common symptoms: Luckily, never had morning sickness or fatigue.

Weight Gain: 4lbs

Pregnancy Comparison: Both feel pretty good and pretty similar. I know I will definitely be in maternity clothes sooner this time! I am actually excited. There are so many great brands out there now!


Thanks for following along. You can read all of my weekly updates for my first pregnancy here.


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