This past weekend, Jesse, Lillian and I had the special privilege to attend Conservation Ambassadors "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" fundraising event at the famous Tah Mah Lah house in Portola Valley. The event was an incredible experience and we are so thankful we could participate.

"Take a Walk on the Wild Side" event is in support of the Conservation Ambassadors, a non-profit organization that raises awareness and funds to help displaced, abused, or abandoned wild or exotic animals. Sharing these animals through their Zoo to You program allows children and families to learn about conservation and protecting the planet we all inhabit.

The event was so cool! Lillian is absolutely fearless and goes up to every animal!! We were able to see over 50 animals and it was so fun to see her laughing and learning through this experience. Our favorite animals that we saw were the elephant (of course), baby kangaroo, tortoise, camels, lemur and tiger.

The set-up for the event was really cool too-- the Conservation Ambassadors were at different locations either holding an animal or in a cage. The animals were free to run around the area and kids and families could go right up to the animals and touch the animals and ask questions.

I was laughing with Jesse how incredible and almost silly how many great experiences Lillian has had already! She's been to New York Plaza and seen the Eloise Suite, traveled to Hawaii, stayed at Bacara, and now, petted an elephant! I can hardly keep up with all of her adventures. We love the fun we are having as a family and want to raise her to be modest, generous, thoughtful and hardworking. Hopefully, these experiences enrich her life and her perspective helps her personally and professionally.

I hope that everyone checks out Conservation Ambassadors and the great work they are doing. You can also organize a "Zoo to You" visit to your child's school or your workplace.


A special thank you to Hope Daly PR for inviting us to attend this great event.