Chances are if you clicked on this Curran Family tab than you already know me or someone in my family personally. Maybe you were a student at Convent when my mom was the Dean of Students and she felt like a second mom to you. Maybe my dad coached you in 3rd grade basketball and taught you more about being likable than basketball.

Maybe you were in Danny's class at St. Vincent de Paul or one of my sisters' classes at Convent. Maybe you know my wonderful husband Jesse and follow the great work he is doing at BuildingConnected. Maybe you are a vendor that worked with Claire for a wedding. Maybe you are someone who knows Colleen from Oregon and her crazy costumes. Maybe you are someone who has met Caitlin through her great work at Bay Scholars.

But, maybe you are none of those people. In any case, WELCOME!

Since my family is so big, especially by today's standards, we seem to know a lot of people in the San Francisco area. Sometimes to my family's irritation I share special memories of our childhood, funny stories, and meaningful experiences that have shaped who I am today, especially as an entrepreneur and new mom to Lillian!

Since Just Simple Joys covers a wide variety of topics I understand that you might want to only see what the Curran family is up to!

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Thank you so much for stopping by! The Curran family is so grateful to know you!